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Payment Options for Clients

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Not every legal matter is the same. Some cases last days while others take weeks, months, or even years. Likewise, not every client comes to us in the same financial position. That's why at Asghar Law, we have created several different payment options to assist our clients make their attorney bill a little more manageable.

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So how do we determine which payment option is right for you? Depending on multiple factors such as the type of law, time it takes to complete the work, anticipated time before the legal matter is expected to come to a conclusion, and level of experience of the attorney involved, the attorney who evaluates your legal matter during your consultation will provide you with all of your payment options.

Potential Payment Options


Hourly fee agreements are where the client agrees to pay the attorney on an hour by hour basis. Although this option scares potential clients the most when initially offered, the hourly payment option is often the best fit. Specifically, if a client is looking for an attorney to review a contract before they enter into a real estate agreement to purchase property, or the client believes they can complete immigration paperwork on their own but would like an attorney to look over their documents before being submitted to the USCIS, the hourly option may be exactly what is needed.

Flat Fee

Many clients just want to know exactly what the costs are upfront before they agree to hire an attorney. If this is the case, the flat fee option will allow the client the best sense of security. The flat fee option is great for clients who can pay their attorney fees upfront because they will generally save a significant amount of money over time. This option is most used in business formation matters, contract drafting, foreclosure defense, bankruptcy, immigration, and certain family law cases.

Monthly Fee

Sometimes clients are unable to pay the entire flat fee in one upfront lump sum payment. In such situations, Asghar Law offers a monthly fee arrangement which allows a client to manage their attorney expenses with their day to day living expenses. With the monthly fee plan, the attorney and client select a day of the month which works with the client's payday schedule and the amount of months it will take for the client to pay the entire fee agreement.

This option works well for clients in litigation matters such as foreclosure defense, credit card or debt litigation, contract disputes, immigration, family law, and bankruptcy, because instead of waiting for the client to pay the entire flat fee, Asghar Law immediately begins on your legal matter as if you paid us in full.

Contingency Fee

The contingency fee option is where the law firm agrees to pay either all or most of the upfront legal expenses associated with bringing a legal action on behalf of the client, in exchange for a much larger percentage of the money received as a result of the legal matter. After a settlement is reached between the parties in the lawsuit, the law firm will deduct the attorney fees and costs which they have incurred, and the remaining balance will be given to the client.

While most clients would opt for a contingency fee agreement with their attorney, it is used in only a few legal matters such as personal injury, medical malpractice, automobile accidents, PIP claims, and negligence cases.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with an attorney to determine which payment options you may qualify for, please call (561) 609-0032 today.

The Asghar Law Guarantee

  • Your consultation will always be with an attorney, not a paralegal or case worker.
  • Multilingual staff members to help with your case.
  • Continuous updates on your case and detailed explanations on every step and changes in the law.
  • Customized plan of action created by the firm regarding your particular case.
  • Convenient payment plans available.

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