Case Results

"All people are equal under the law. A good attorney is what makes the difference."
  • International Adoption
    Our client was seeking to adopt his nephew after his sister passed away and the father was nowhere to be found. We were able to assist the Client with compliance with both international and domestic laws, and eventually finalize the adoption as well as obtain his U.S. Citizenship.
  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
    Our client came to us looking for information on applying for Lawful Permanent Resident Status based on her marriage to a U.S. Citizen spouse. Despite substantial proof of their marriage over the past several years, she did not want the spouse to know she was applying for her Lawful Permanent Resident Card. After a few hours of meeting with the Client, Mr. Asghar was able to discover the Client was a victim of domestic violence - thus why she did not want her spouse to know she was applying for legal status. The firm was able to apply for her Lawful Permanent Resident Card without her spouse under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).
  • Deportation Case Dismissed
    Our Client retained an "Attorney" to assist him to apply for his Legal Permanent Resident Card based on his marriage to his U.S. Citizen wife. One day he went to meet with the "Attorney" and the office was vacant. He tried calling and emailing the "Attorney" and the line was disconnected. The Client came in for a consultation at Asghar Law and we were able to determine the "Attorney" they hired was a fraud and not licensed to practice law. To make matters worse, the Client was detained by Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) officers and placed in removal proceedings because his visa now had expired. Asghar Law immediately stepped into action and was able to have the Client released from detention. Next, Mr. Asghar was able to have the removal case terminated, and then have the Client approved for Lawful Permanent Resident Status.
  • Certificate of Citizenship

    Client entered the country as a child and was placed in Removal Proceedings for an event which happened several years prior. After retaining Asghar Law, client was immediately released on bond. Next, Mr. Asghar was able to file a Motion to Dismiss his case, but he was also able to find case law which supported his claim to U.S. Citizenship through his parents.

  • Employment Visa

    Client was a start-up company which was having difficulty finding computer system analysts which could speak multiple languages to effectively communicate with the various members of their team. Asghar Law was able to successfully obtain an employment visa for the perfect candidate for their client in a short few months.

  • Legal Permanent Resident

    Client attempted to apply for Legal Permanent Residence without using an attorney but was unfortunately denied. Immediately after receiving news of her denial she called Asghar Law and scheduled a consultation for the very same day. After meeting with Mr. Asghar and his staff the Client's anxiety quickly disappeared. We re-filed the application and added several key documents to prove the validity of the marriage. Finally, Mr. Asghar attended the interview at the local USCIS office to assure everything went smoothly this time around for the Client. At the conclusion of the interview the USCIS informed the Client they were approved for their Green Card.

  • Same Sex Marriage Green Card Approved Under DOMA

    A same-sex couple was seeking to apply for Legal Permanent Residence, but were extremely concerned whether their application would be treated the same as opposite sex couples. Mr. Asghar prepared the petition and applications, as well as worked with the family members on several affidavits to support the legitimacy of their marriage. He then prepared a cover letter detailing how the women qualified for Legal Permanent Residence under the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). One of the best memories of many of the members of the firm was seeing how happy they were when we told them they were approved!

  • H-2B Seasonal Employment Visas
    An employer called the law firm looking for temporary employees to help with an increase in members during the spike of their season. They placed several ads in the local paper but were unsuccessful in finding qualified staff to meet their short term demand. After speaking to the employer about the H-2B Visa they were able to find a few international employees who not only exceeded their expectations in regard to qualifications and work ethic, but also were a huge success with their members.